Weiß Speditionskontor GmbH – a part of TTF GmbH

Since January 2020 we belong to the TTF GmbH. After the assumption we offer you versatile solutions. We look forward to cooperating successfully with you in the future.


The company Weiß Speditionskontor GmbH, founded in 1996 located near the port of Hamburg has established knowledge at its disposal when it comes to import dispatch.

Especially with the dispatch of temperature-controlled groceries we built up a reputation, proven by the constant partnership with our customers.

Of course we are familiar with all tasks regarding trading and its execution.

Our customers appreciate the close contact and our support for their interests.

At our company you will get a personal point of contact and all pending challenges will be handled accordingly, be it special customer requirements or any problem that might come up in the processing phase.


the port of Hamburg